Each smile is unique and it is extremely important that it is in harmony with the proportions and shape of the face as well as with your skin tone and age.

Digital Smile Design allows you to see your new smile before any treatment is carried out. Using high resolution photographs, video recordings and digital face mapping I use the proportions of your lips, teeth, gums and face in motion to plan your new smile. You can then view it digitally, on a 3D printed model or even on your own teeth using a ‘trial smile’ technique, where a mouthguard in the shape of your new teeth is filled to make a highly detailed reproduction to put in your mouth. We take photos of you wearing your new smile and you can see yourself in a mirror while it’s in. Then you get you before and after photos to take away. Every step is geared towards getting you the perfect result.

 Ultra HD technology and digital face mapping to help plan your perfect smile

 See your smile designed digitally before any treatment is carried out

 Trial Smile technique allows you to wear your new smile

 You can choose between teeth whitening, braces, veneers, bonding – or all of the above!